American Dreams

In reading H.W. Brands book American Dreams, I found myself enjoying sections of the book and wanting to fall asleep in others. It was not a waste of time reading it as I did find many interesting fact that I did not know from the last 65 years of U.S. History. In the preface of the book Brand tries to describe some reasoning behind the title of the book as the nation dreamed of liberty, equality, and happiness. This is true of what the nation was wanting when it fought for its independence. He goes on to also state that the right of the individual dreamers was to design their own dreams. In my eyes I sure hope I get to create my own dreams and not be told what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life. I see Brand talking about our nation becoming the strongest and most stable of the entire world. In many sections he describes the races the nation became involved in like the creation of the atomic bomb, the space race, and even civil rights. As a nation I believe Brand describes the “American Dream” as being somewhat fulfilled, but it is still a work in progress. My problem with this book though is that Brand really does not describe the dream of the individual person in America. It would have been better titled “Governmental Dreams,” because that is what he focuses on. Major events like the Vietnam War are given little recognition, but he sure could go into detail about the evolving of the satellites to get up to the minute news coverage. Don’t get me wrong that up to the minute coverage of everything would change society forever, but we cannot lose focus on the fact that many of our nation’s young men stood up and fought a war for this country. H.W. Brand does like to focus on the presidents from the last 65 years though, and those men are great, but they are not the ones that we need to be looking at. American Dreams are exactly that of the individual American. We watched the video about the family going to Disney Land the year after it opened that was an American dream of that time. Family, happiness, and just living life was what that family cared about. I really don’t think that has changed too much in the last 65 years, and probably won’t in the next 65 years. Though the reasoning of the people probably changed away from that Disney Land high, and focusing on other things to share as a family. It is just the generations changing; it is a natural occurrence that will continue to change. I know from experience in my short life of 29 years that just having a family to share things with is what I dream about. Politicians have tried to control this nation and make the choices they believe are the best to make things better, well here in 2011 I don’t see much happiness as many are unemployed, losing houses, and having problems putting food on the table. Does Brand really focus on what the people are going through and what they are dreaming of or does he focus on what the government dreams are? I say he pushes the dreams of the government and minimizes the other things that make the “American Dream.”

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